During the preliminary brainstorming about the construction of our dream, we had a great wish; and that was that the lodges would be built as sustainably as possible.

For the material we have used sustainable wood and the heating is controlled by heat pumps.

The solar panels at the back of the garden provide enough energy to supply the heat pumps. The heat pumps control the heating ánd cooling of the lodges. In winter it’s warm and cosy; the entire floor heats the lodge and on hot sunny days the floor is cooled. The studio is heated and cooled by a special unit on the wall.

And so our dream came true; the Lodges! In the middle of nature and in the middle in the Green Heart.

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FAMILY Heemskerk

Lodges near the Rhine
Rijndijk 255
2394 CE Hazerswoude-Rijndijk – The Netherlands
#31 6 1313 4358